High Shear Mixers and Industrial Vacuum Mixers
for Cosmetic Manufacturers

High Shear Mixers and Industrial Vacuum Mixers for Cosmetic Manufacturers

Since 1980s, REDFLAG has been specialized in the design and manufacture of industrial mixers and rotor-stator homogenizers for manufacturing of liquid or paste products in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, as well as food and beverage industries. In 2002, we cooperated with TK Trading in joint development of new vacuum mixer homogenizers for cosmetic emulsions, and medicines in gel or syrup form. Each and every of our high shear mixers and industrial vacuum mixers is built to meet GMP standards, allowing customers in every industry to feel secure in using our machines. In addition to industrial agitators and high shear homogenizers, REDFLAG also provides various matching equipment, such as the modular belt conveyors, vacuum storage tank, liquid and paste filling machines, etc.

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    1. KRHA Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer

      A distinctive look and a powerful scraper make this vacuum mixer homogenizer a real eye-catcher. The rotor-stator homogenizer and scraper vanes are able to rise along with the lid of the mixing tank.

    1. RH II Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer

      It makes quality sense for producers of mid and high-class oil-in-water or powdery cosmetics to pick this RHII vacuum mixer homogenizer. Available with the external circulation tubing that is attached to the bottom homogenizer, this cosmtic manufacturing equipment enables a thorough, intense mixing.

    1. ZYX Industrial Mixer(For Lotion Making)

      Made of stainless steel, this lotion mixer has its surface polished to obtain a mirror finish. It is completely sealed to keep out air and any other contaminants while creating a vacuum condition that prevents the formation of unwanted air bubbles through the mixing course.

    1. ZG Industrial Mixer(For Paste Making)

      Our ZG industrial vacuum mixer is primarily used to create pastes by homogenizing, shearing, and emulsifying. In order to control the amount of mixture discharged from the industrial mixer, a pneumatic valve is fitted at the discharge port.

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